That’s Cool, That’s Trash


“That’s Cool, That’s Trash!” podcast discusses publicly available psychotronic, outré, & cult films.


The Dadbodcast


Cameron Weaver and Chad Hoy are two high school sweetheart babyboy BFFs who one day decided that they should do a podcast. It’s very not good, but they like doing it, so they will most likely continue for the foreseeable future.


Wax On Wax Lyrical


Two gross Australians with voices like angels talk about movies, weird people, their babies, and eat disgusting novelty candy beans.




Three idiots who haven’t got an ounce of understanding about movies – or anything else – between them watch movies and go on about them for an hour or so. They also record audio commentary tracks for each film.

Paths of Glory


Two angry Canadians watch movies and lash out, both at the movies and each other. One has a cat that looks like a dog. The other one has a cat, too, but it’s just a normal cat. Neither of these cats figure into the show in any way.