Paths of Glory – ep. 23: “Starring Matt Damon as the Tumor” aka Andy Sidaris Podcrawl Y’all, Part III



In this episode:

A savage vacation spent on SAVAGE BEACH (1989) introduces your hosts to a Savage Priest. Just when it looks like the savagery will end, Andy Sidaris forces your savage hosts to RETURN TO SAVAGE BEACH (1998) in the savage heat of The Podractic Equation Podcast Network’s ANDY SIDARIS WEEK.

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Rogueriffers ep. 40: “Picasso Trigger” aka the Andy Sidaris Podcrawl, Y’all, part II


In this episode:

This week we’re doing our part for the Andy Sidaris podcrawl, Y’all. It’s an inaugural event to commemorate the formation of the the Podratic Equation, a new podcast network full of shows almost as sleazy (in one way or another) as we are. We thought it would be appropriate to watch some sleazy but fun movies to celebrate so many sleazy but fun shows coming together. So, we give you Picasso Trigger.

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Paths of Glory ep. 22: Why Zack and Danger Can’t Run for Office



In this episode:

INVADERS FROM MARS (1986) leaves your hosts almost throwing punches.THE ANGRY RED PLANET (1959) actually makes Danger slap herself. Zack pitches a FUNgus movie and the deadly duo discuss Pence’s mascara.

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Wax On Wax Lyrical ep. 30: Who is Todd Grisham? aka Captain Jack



In this episode:

We recorded over a week ago but we got lazy in putting this currency out in the world. We return with In The News, and wax lyrical on golden tickets to heaven, self gratification on CCTV and mutant sheep, and of course partake in the trusty Hard 10 quiz. We also discuss our new podcast network and why we left the other network that shall not be named. The story isn’t exciting or anything. Enjoy our big 3-0, where we grow a little older and gain more body hair.

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The Dadbodcast ep. 38: A Bad Case of the Collywobbles



In this episode:

Chad gets drunk during Pride Weekend, Cam gets the flu, and the boys hit on each other the whole time and it gets a little weird in spots. It’s a good time!

Join the boys for another round of Band or Porno and stay for the reading of FIVE PIECES OF HATE MAIL!!!!! (It’s brutal!)

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That’s Cool, That’s Trash – episode 114 – Andy Sidaris Podcrawl, Y’all!



In this episode:

This time Matt talked with John Morgan and Rob Hafferman about the infamous HARD TICKET TO HAWAII, which achieved notoriety due to clips from Everything is Terrible, but the crazy of this move cannot be limited to a couple of hilarious clips. Check out all of the painful fashion, wooden acting from Penthouse pets, and really unfunny jokes.

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