The Dadbodcast ep. 38: A Bad Case of the Collywobbles



In this episode:

Chad gets drunk during Pride Weekend, Cam gets the flu, and the boys hit on each other the whole time and it gets a little weird in spots. It’s a good time!

Join the boys for another round of Band or Porno and stay for the reading of FIVE PIECES OF HATE MAIL!!!!! (It’s brutal!)

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That’s Cool, That’s Trash – episode 114 – Andy Sidaris Podcrawl, Y’all!



In this episode:

This time Matt talked with John Morgan and Rob Hafferman about the infamous HARD TICKET TO HAWAII, which achieved notoriety due to clips from Everything is Terrible, but the crazy of this move cannot be limited to a couple of hilarious clips. Check out all of the painful fashion, wooden acting from Penthouse pets, and really unfunny jokes.

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